Review – Is it a scam?

Four Corners Alliance Group, which you can find at, is a business opportunity available for anyone who wanted to make a living online. It is a multi-level marketing company in the internet marketing niche. This simply means that members of this program can make money in two ways: one is by selling internet marketing products and second, by recruiting members in it.

More about Four Corners Alliance Group

In order to get started with Four Corners Alliance Group, you need to shell out $18. This is not a one-time payment but a recurring monthly fee. However, it seems that you can cancel your membership anytime you want.

As mentioned, this business opportunity allows you to make money in two ways. The internet marketing products you are selling are the same products you can use to recruit new members which is another way to generate an income.

Final thoughts on

Having products to sell makes this company a legit multi-level marketing company. However, this doesn’t assure you that it’s a good company to sign up with.

When deciding whether or not to sign up for MLM opportunity, you need to consider the sustainability of the company. Does it sell products with recurring need? Or is the industry where it belongs is close to getting saturated?

The internet marketing is booming and huge but with so many individuals selling the same products everyday, it can be tough to rise from the competition and actually make a living from a MLM opportunity in this industry.

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