VOGenesis.com Review – Is it a scam?

VOGenesis Program found at VOGenesis.com is a work at home opportunity created by a woman named Jenny Lewis. According to Lewis, this opportunity is available for anyone even for those who have zero experience working in this industry. The training program featured in this website is said to be worth $97 but because she wanted it to be available to many people, she is cutting down the price to $39.95.

More about VOGenesis Program

The VO in VOGenesis actually stands for “voice over.” The opportunity is about providing you voice over opportunities so you can make a decent income even if you’re just working within the comfort of your own home. According to Lewis, this opportunity is as simple as reading a script and recording it through a software.

Homebased voice over talents are said to make hundreds of dollars each day; some projects are said to even pay $1,500/project. Unhappy customers who bought the program can ask for refund within 60 days from date of purchase.

Final thoughts on VOGenesis.com

It’s true that one can make money from home through voice recording. However, those who usually do it at home are paid less compared to voice talents hired by bigger companies. Hence, it sounds too good to be true to earn hundreds of dollars per day to up to over $1,000 per project working from home and doing voice over. This is a ClickBank product so unsatisfied clients can definitely request for refund.

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