Is a Scam

Whenever one major penny auction website goes down another one emerges i find this strange almost like it’ the same company using the a different name. I guess that’s the convenience of having an online business whenever one website doesn’t work you just create a new one. As you might of guessed i personally don’t like penny auctions, I think penny auctions are good if your intention is just to have a good time, I think if you look at like i can get a LCD TV for a few dollars you are looking penny auctions in completely the wrong way Verse has a section on their website where the compare themselves to, they make some interesting points about how a person can save using their site but they’re not telling consumers the entire truth. The main thing i want to point out about is that before you can play you have purchase ‘Bid Packs’. Purchasing bid packs is all you have to focus on whenever using penny auction websites and that’s the main reason why i don’t like these websites.

Bid Packs in the case of are non refundable and highly recommend reading their terms and conditions before signing up. One of their Introductory offers was $159.00 for a bid pack which gives you 300 bids and charges you .53 cents per bid placed. So if you decide to join and spend $159.00 make sure you play that you play the game smart. I’ve written about this topic before and what i always find funny is when people say they won a $25 gift card or something that costs less than the amount they spent on a bid pack.

Should it Really be called  a Penny Auction?

Although the prices being displayed to customers seem to be moving up by a penny the truth is each bidder is paying 53 cents or more to place a bid. So think about this for a moment an item that was supposedly sold for .25 cents actually was sold for $13.25 and even that number depends on the bid pack each bidder chose to purchase. Penny Auctions in many ways are nothing more than illusions nothing is being sold for a penny its really nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Using a penny auction website from my perspective is like walking into a Wal Mart handing the cashier your money just so you can get a bid stick or it could be considered a chuck e cheese for adults. That being said i want to go back to what i said at the beginning of this post if you’re going to sign up for my advice is just do it to have fun. Being that i would never use I recommend leaving your comments about Zip bids below by leaving comments you help other people good or bad experiences.

Although i don’t recommend using don’t let my opinion stop you from giving them a try.