Review – Is it a scam? is a website offering free credit report. Signing up for their free trial allows users to receive some of the company’s services which include credit monitoring and credit reports.

The site claims that during the free trial period, you gain unlimited access to your credit score, email alerts for any changes in your credit which include new accounts opened under your name, social security statement, and even consultation for credit fraud.

More about

Other than credit monitoring and reporting, Profinity has a Credit Education Center where you can find helpful information and resources to manage your credit.

Profinity’s Credit Fraud Consultation offers support for those who have been victims of fraud and other discrepancies.

The site also has the Save and Protect program which will help you find great deals on items or services that you usually spend your money on. These include groceries, flights, and even utility bills.

What’s the catch?

Non-cancellation of your free trial will automatically enroll you in their subscription service and bill you monthly fees for this. But didn’t specifically state in their Terms & Conditions the duration of their free trial and the amount to be paid in case you want to subscribe on their services.

Final thoughts on

Monitoring your credit score is a good thing. A company who offers this kind of service plus consultation and education offers for fraud and credit management is great. However, what makes a turn-off is the lack of details on their Terms and Conditions which include the duration of the free trial period and the fees involved for subscription.

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